Swift loans are Fast and Easy!

02 February 2017 - at 12:54PM swiftadmin

They’re fast and easy loans!

Apply online.

You can apply online from your mobile device or computer. The process is really fast and easy.

Verify your income and expenses.

Once you have met the initial eligibility requirements we verify your income using your most recent 90 days of bank transaction history. We use the services of a secure, reputable, external company, to help us with this. An important part of this process is the checking to ensure that the loan is not unsuitable for you. 


Once you’re approved, check that everything is correct.

Confirm your loan.

If you’re satisfied, click the “Confirm” button

We pay you the money in under 60 minutes!

Whilst the money leaves our account in under 60 minutes, depending on which bank you bank with, the times may vary. Applications outside of bank hours or after 2pm on weekdays may take longer.

Simple Direct Debit.

When your application is complete, we’ll provide a simple Direct Debit payment form for you to complete so that your Swift Loans repayments happen when they’re due, with no extra work from you!

When you become a VIP Swift member the process is even faster!


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